Some Brief Facts About the Website Drucken

If you are curious you will find some short answers below regarding the Highway to Market website:

We use the Joomla publishing system, which have the benefit to us, that we can edit all the content from the web. Furthermore, we can at any time adjust the layout of the website without having to rewrite a single line of text.

The page design has been achieved by using a free template from SiteGround Web Hosting.

If you have not seen it already, we want to point out that we also have created a wiki, where you as a reader can participate and influence the content. Our intention with the Highway Wiki is to be able to share our knowledge that we find on the Internet or come up with in our work, and leave it completely free to you, how you choose to use the information. You are free to copy and modify any content contained in due to the use of a Creative Commons license.

Finally, we would like to invite you to follow us at Highway to Market on Twitter or Facebook, where we share thoughts about sales and links to interesting things and how you can develop as a sales professional.